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In 2014, we all made a judgement call about what was best for the future of Scotland. The majority of people in the country decided that the best outcome was to stay as part of the UK. 
The reasons for this are varied and many are still of the same opinion. Nonetheless, it is irrefutable that, since the first Scottish independence referendum in 2014, things have changed. 
Above all things, promises about the future of Scotland within the UK have been broken. Government in Scotland has also delivered positive outcomes for the people of our nation.

For all former No voters, this ought to be more than enough cause to reconsider the merits of independence. For many, it is reason enough to move from No to Yes.

This is a movement for those who are former No voters who have changed their minds and want to be part of the independence movement. This is a movement, too, for those undecided on the issue of Scottish independence and want to find out more about Scotland’s potential. It is also a movement for life-long Yes voters who want to reach a hand of friendship to those reconsidering independence.

This is a movement open to all. Welcome.

Let’s turn Scotland from No to Yes.

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🗳 Democracy didn't stop in 2014, people in Scotland have voted to have another say over Scotland's future.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland will have the chance to choose a better, fairer, green future in an independent Scotland.

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Seven years ago I walked into a voting booth unsure if I even had the right to be there.

I agonised over the decision in front of me, both my head and heart torn.

I voted no.

Seven years later I'd proudly vote yes, without hesitation. I'm far from the only one.

Since the 2014 #Indyref, Brexit and the actions of Westminster have changed the minds of numerous high profile people:
Billy Connolly
David Tennant
Sharleen Spiteri
Ewan McGregor
John Hannah
Bobby Gillespie
Malcolm Chisholm
AC Grayling
Tony Robinson
Rory Bremner
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